Regattas in the Mediterranean sea

Regattas - take part in one of the sailing regattas in the Mediterranean by yacht, this can be an excellent way of relaxation and traveling. There are a lot of amateur competitions of this type which are organized for everyone to try and beat all rivals and at the same time learn how to manage the yacht and set up sails. This interesting activity will bring a bunch of positive emotions and impressions. Different class yachts usually take part in competitions; the regatta as well is interesting and dynamic so we are sure that you will be satisfied.

Schedule of sailing regattas in the Mediterranean with our participation:

  • May 8 to 15, Gecek Race Week Regatta, Turkey, costs 1000 euros / 7 days. 
  • June 27 to July 4, Cyclades Regatta, Greece, costs 1000 euros / 7 days. 
  • July 17 to 24, Regatta Rhodes Cup, Greece, price 1000 euros / 7 days.
  • August 1 to 8, North Aegean Cup, Halkidiki, Greece, price 1000 euros / 7 days.
  • August 21 to 28, Aegean Regatta, Greece, 1000 euros / 7 days.
  • August 28 to september 4, Regatta Arkas Aegean, Turkey, the cost of 1000 euros / 7 days.
  • October 16 to 23, Rixos Sailing Cup Regatta, Turkey, 1000 euros / 7 days.
  • October 23 to October 30, the Marmaris Race Week Regatta, Turkey, EUR 1000/7 days.
  • October 30 to November 6, Regatta Gocek Race Week, Turkey, 1000 euros / 7 days.

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You can participate in a regatta by yacht whether you are a beginner or an experienced yachtsman. Beginners will have a wonderful experience in managing watercraft. Experienced yachtsmen will show an excellent skill level.

Beginners can take part in the short-distance regatta. Usually such an event takes place in the harbor and is of a short time span. It is ideal for beginner boaters. There are other types of yacht regattas in which experienced skipper can also participate.

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You can take part in such a competition alone or with a team consisting of two or three yachtsmen. This way it is possible to participate in short-distance competitions and in round-the-world regattas.

Besides, this event can carry a whole crew. Such competitions are popular among beginners. You can rent a yacht with 1-2 experienced yachtsmen and race with competitors. It is magical support of each other, team spirit – which is the key to the epic victory in the competition.

If you are a fairly experienced skipper or sailor you can participate in a round-the-world regatta which is very interesting and exciting affair. Round the world regatta is a top-notch. Yachtsmen who participate in such a competition are considered to be real aces in their field. Such events are definitely quite expensive so they are held much less frequently than sea or coastal regattas.

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You can join teams divided by gender during the competition. Girl teams compete among themselves splashing out all their emotions. Talking of guy teams, they are more about calm, cold and accurate calculation. The fact is regattas are not as incomprehensible and difficult as it seems at first. This kind of sport is open to beginners and amateurs. Now there is a great variety of competitions: as to Mediterranean Sea there will be amateur regattas and international regattas by yachts as well as business regattas. Taking part in the regatta you will get a lot of emotions and positive impressions not to mention the invaluable experience that will be very useful for you if you want to become an experienced yachtsman.

Sailing Regatta - Yacht Racing

Sailing regatta is a very exciting and unique sport: a huge number of distances, interesting rules and many competitions which are held around the world will not let you get bored.

Driving a sailing yacht is not that difficult as it seems, all you need is desire. An experienced skipper will teach sailors how to steer a yacht. As a rule racing ships are equipped with a huge number of sails but this does not make their management too difficult. On the other hand in the future you will be able to participate in those incredible competitions sailing a yacht.

The international amateur regatta is an amazing competition: beginners can take part in it along with professionals. Take part in such a competition and you will get wonderful emotions and impressions that will stay forever in your memory.