Travel by sea on a yacht

Boat trip

Traveling on a sailing yacht is a fancy way to spend your summer, beach vacation is here for you together with sea and activities. It is so calm and wonderful around!

  • you may  sunbathe in the sun with no else but your friends, dolphins and turtles if you want to
  • you may  swim in the open sea and a personal bay or even on a gorgeous beach if you want to. The fact is all beaches of Mediterranean Sea are public (In Greece and Turkey) so you have the unlimited freedom of choice. You may swim wherever your heart desires! By the way, even if the island is private, you can still come to the beach and chill.

The cost of a weekly trip on a yacht is only 700 euros, choose your favorite yacht tour. There are all routes with price and number of seats on the main page (in the language of Russian). Start every week. Join us!



Yacht and travel

Activities! You already know that sailing a yacht is an entertainment itself but when you catch the wind and rush past the green mountain islands – that is buzz! You can still arrange bungee jumping right on the yacht, ride an inflatable fender yacht nearby, dance, find a lot of activities on the beach in the evening: joyride on ATVs, mopeds/motorbikes, including motocross, bicycles, climb into ancient fortresses, castles and cities , visit museums, waterfalls, volcanoes, caves and other amazing creations of nature!

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You can participate in the “regatta” (race between sailing yachts). It is the highest level of adrenaline and drive! It is the spirit of competition and excitement. The more yachts involved the more spectacular and exciting races will be, especially in the start! Imagine 20 boats are simultaneously trying to take a leading position and squeeze between buoys that limit the starting line. Here we need the coordinated work of the whole team! Finish is no less impressive! Five boats are rushing to victory! This is something! When 1 minute is left and you rush with all sails there is a tiny but real chance to take first place! Imagine what is happening at this time on the deck, emotions are just going through the roof! Even those who are afraid of water and speed at this moment are screaming “come on, come on, don’t stop, a little bit more, hold up!!!”.

Besides, it’s very good near the water even at the peak of the heat; the cool sea breeze creates very comfortable conditions.

What else people adore in yachting? While sailing from one place to another, you go ashore and immediately find yourself in the very center and observe all the beauty from the water. The whole life of the city is built around the marina (port for yachts). We are talking about fish restaurants, shopping, night clubs, cozy streets and lookouts to the city and the sea. Thought if you want privacy you can choose either quiet and deserted villages or anchorage in wild bays.         

So since we live on a yacht, your cozy and considered to the detail house with a kitchen, bedroom and a shower is always with you! If desired you can stay at the hotel for a night on the beach.

Various yacht travel options

  • Every day you can approach a new city getting acquainted with the local flavor and architecture and sit in restaurants on the beach.
  • There is an option not to moor in cities but to anchor in secluded bays with nobody there. You can feel like Robinson Crusoe and enjoy the privacy and nature.
  • for 1-2 people or a company / family,
  • cruise or race (regatta),
  • possibly with children.

Cruise is a journey from island to island; it is sea, relaxation, wild bays, picturesque beaches, solitude. You can add activities: learn how to manage a sailing yacht, work with sails and wind, take dance classes and parties, visit restaurants, clubs and other evening / night entertainment, travel to cities and sights, enjoy water activities.

Racing (regatta) is for those who love adrenaline, excitement and outdoor activities. It is a competition with other yachts. Everything is organized; there are judges, photo-finish, awards, cups and medals. Regattas may very: there is a long and difficult route and a short busy one. Our favorite and most popular is combined racing. Chasing and relaxing while traveling – is a thing we love the most! In the morning we may offer to do exercises, swim and have a breakfast: in the afternoon when we sail from one island to another we are also chasing; after lunch we are mostly at a new place walking, relaxing, swimming, climbing volcanoes and caves; in the evening there is the award ceremony and the time to have a glass of wine on a yacht with a view on the illuminated houses. The views are amazing from the water!

You can join our trips. The list is in the upcoming travel section. Also we can arrange an individual tour for you.

Safety. Sailing yacht is the safest type of water transport; it is almost impossible to drown. We often travel with people who do not know how to swim again and again!

Boat trip