Holidays and cruises on a yacht

Cruise on a sailing yacht to the Mediterranean sea - this is a great yacht trip that you definitely deserve and will remember for a long time. The price of a yacht cruise is 650 euros per week per person, the price includes parking in marinas, fuel, rent of the ship, work of the captain. Additional payment for food is 150 euros per week per person.

On the main page of our website, all travel routes and cruises on the yacht for the entire season (page in Russian). You can find out about us and our yacht on the "Yacht/team" page.


Tours and Holidays

Yacht tours have a number of advantages - while you are limited in a hotel space with a rare opportunity to leave for expensive excursions, you have a chance to travel by yacht between cities and islands enjoying the ever-changing landscapes. Natural beauty of uninhabited islands and diversity of culture and customs of coastal cities as well as to get acquainted with the real ports life. We have developed many routes that can satisfy absolutely every taste. Each of them is unique and passes through the most magical corners of the Mediterranean Sea.

Routes of yacht tours for the season

Due to the yacht tour you will enjoy the crystal clear water swimming with a mask in new places day by day and explore the seabed and its extraordinary inhabitants. Just imagine yourself fishing in the open sea! What an experience to remember! Instead of dirty beaches filled with people and noise you get a personal sunbed and the opportunity to sunbathe at any time. The heat that accompanies every continent during the summer will not be a question. Here the boundless expanse of water and light marine breeze will help you avoid the swelter. There is no spirit of adventure within hotel space unlike our yachts and their relaxation vibes.

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Yachting tours - we will take care of all your vacation fully; you have absolutely nothing to worry about. We know more than everything about tours and vacation on yachts. All you need to do is to choose a sailing tour route and airline tickets - we will take care of the rest. Thanks to the comfort of the cabins you can spend the night on board without experiencing any inconvenience.

Yacht and vacation

Travelling by yacht means open wide spaces of sea waves and gentle rays of the summer sun which feels like the infinite freedom and delight…Is it fairy tale or a dream hard to believe? We say everybody may afford such a vacation! Expensive – you may say. No more than a hotel room – we assure. Is it hard to get there? No again! We have a variety of routes so you can be that person who chooses where to start the journey. A sailing yacht is no less comfortable than a hotel room.

You have no idea how to steer a yacht? We offer you a choice. You can travel with the best skipper who will take full control of the yacht and all you will have to do is enjoy your unforgettable vacation. If you want to play a role of the captain and learn how to manage a yacht, we will provide you with an excellent instructor. If not, we can offer you a trip as part of a flotilla of 3-10 yachts under the lead management.

Swimming in the sea causes a groundswell of emotion. The reason is you become the master of the elements picking up the helm and rushing to compete with the fresh sea wind.

Chilling at yacht is a great alternative to hotels for people who prefer an active holiday.

Yacht cruise

Cruising on a yacht is no more oligarchs’ prerogative - everyone can rent a yacht for a while and immerse themselves in the endless world of the sea elements. You can travel with friends or by your own. The cost of the cruise depends on the number of people who participate in the trip and the type of tour. It includes everything: supplying the necessary documents, fuel costs, maintenance of premises and parking fees along the route. We can guarantee that our cheap prices will pleasantly surprise you.

If you are tired of the city life with its hustle and bustle and you want to arrange yourself an extraordinary vacation full of unforgettable adventures and positive emotions, then a yacht cruise is what you need. Contact us. We can provide an adventure that you will remember all your life!


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